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Girlfriend Activation System Review: My First Hand Account

What Is The Girlfriend Activation System?

The Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS) is a dating and attraction system created by popular pick-up expert, Christian H.  At its core, the system is very simple: it teaches men a multitude of techniques and mindsets for meeting, attracting, and dating incredible women.

It’s no secret that all guys want a hot girlfriend, but for many men attracting hot women is a daunting task to say the least.  GFAS attempts to solve this problem for men once and for all by revealing proven secrets of attracting hot women and turning them into loyal committed girlfriends.  It accomplishes this through a 23-part video course.

If at any point you want to skip past the Girlfriend Activation System review I’ve posted below and jump straight on over to the official GFAS website, then all you need to do is click this link.

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Onward now to my GFAS review and mandatory pics of sexy women.

How Does GFAS Help You Get And Date Hot Women?

darklingerieGFAS utilizes special psychology techniques known as ”literotica” or simply put; porn for women’s brains.  GFAS teaches you effective ways of triggering a women’s ”obsession story” so that she is able to commit to you 100% emotionally and sexually.   Unlike many other boyfriend and girlfriend dating systems in the market today, GFAS isn’t just about ”hooking up” or ”one night stands”.   It’s more than that!

GFAS is about attracting that special high value woman you have always wanted, dating her and turning her into the most loyal/committed girlfriend by using tested and proven natural secrets/techniques. It’s about creating real natural attraction with the woman of your dreams which is the key to a successful long-term relationship.

GFAS utilises a woman’s obsession story which remains unknown to many men. I had no idea what a woman’s obsession story was before I came across GFAS. This led me to make very many dating mistakes made by typical guys.

The obsession story resembles a romance novel packed with steroids. It’s important to note that every single woman has one. It’s the exact same stuff that makes millions of women from all corners of the globe to jump at the opportunity of owning copies of the erotic romance novels.

It is important to note that the average number of women buying literotica novels is the same as the average no. of men buying porn subscriptions. You might be wondering why on earth women buy literotica novels which can’t match pornography in the eyes of men. Well, typical guys don’t get it! Therein lies the problem.

If you knew exactly how to activate any woman’s brain emotionally and sexually like literotica novels, you wouldn’t have a problem getting the girl of your dreams since you would know exactly what she wants as opposed to what society has dictated women should want. GFAS teaches you to do just that. You will be able to switch on that evolutionary ”switch” that turns women on naturally making yourself irresistible.

With the Girlfriend Activation System, there will be no woman/girl that will be beyond your reach. You will therefore be free to choose as opposed to settling for less simply because you don’t want to face rejection.  After all, you have every right to be with a woman who is not only smoking HOT, but just a flat out, damn amazing person as well!

Who Is The Program Most Suited For?

Although the Girlfriend System is suitable for all kinds of guys who have experienced problems in the past dating hot women, the system is most perfect for men who are interested in long-term relationships with that one beautiful and special girl (she’s probably on your mind right now).   GFAS however works perfectly for guys interested in scoring with hot chicks thanks to the system’s techniques of attracting women who you are simply interested in sleeping with. The system has a video specifically discussing this subject however, it is important to note that there is more to GFAS than random hook-ups and one-night stands.

If you happen to have that special woman you seriously want in your life but you don’t know where to start because of past failures with women, low self esteem, etc, GFAS will be perfect for you. It doesn’t matter if she is an ex or she is currently dating someone else. GFAS has all the secrets to make the impossible possible.

Does GFAS Really Work?

sexualtensionIn my own honest firsthand opinion, getting a super hot quality girlfriend and getting her to commit herself to you fully in the long-term has never been easier when you utilise the skills and techniques from the Girlfriend Activation System.  Majority of men fail miserably when attempting to attract hot women and keeping them committed 100% emotionally and sexually.

This can be attributed to many things. For instance, most guys don’t know where to meet the girl of their dreams, what to say when they meet her, getting her contacts, how to ask her out, building attraction, how to trigger intimacy and lastly, how to advance the relationship to a long term commitment. Also, most typical guys don’t appreciate the fact that woman are different.

For instance some women have no problem with guys who make instant moves. Other women like guys who take their time. It is important to appreciate these differences to avoid killing attraction instantly. GFAS doesn’t leave any stone unturned especially in regards to such subject matters which is why the system is so effective.

If the above information makes a lot of sense to you, GFAS will really work wonders for you. You can get the system immediately. The program’s step-by-step approach is one of the main reasons why it is so effective. You get to go through every single dating step learning whatever you must do at all times to activate your ideal woman’s obsession story.

GFAS also goes as far as teaching you awesome tricks for making hot women approach you. If you thought that was impossible, think again! The system clearly does most of the work for you. Although it is going to require some effort on your part, if you are tired of messing things up, i.e. getting lost in your own game, making her lose interest fast etc, GFAS will work for you perfectly.


Personally I’m a big fan of the Girlfriend Activation System and believe GFAS is a strong buy for any guy.   The system has been tested and proven to work by many men, including myself. I couldn’t agree more with Christian H.’s secrets and techniques to having a long-term fulfilling relationship with the woman of your dreams. The cost of the program is definitely a very small price to pay considering the amount of money most people waste chasing hot women in vain.

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Feel free to go through the entire GFAS review in more detail as well as the buyer’s guide at to get more info about the program.

Click here to go to the official Girlfriend Activation System website and watch the introductory video explaining briefly how to get that super hot girlfriend who will love you and commit to you 100% regardless of your looks, financial status, or size of your “tally-wacker”.